Australia Ningbo Association Incorporated


Australia Ningbo Association Incorporated Established in March 2016, Australia Ningbo Association Incorporated headquartered in Melbourne. Under the support ofAustralia Zhejiang United Association Incorporated, it is an independent public welfare association approved by Australian government and composed of overseas Ningbo Chinese in Australia, and individuals as well as organizations with intention to cooperate with Ningbo. The current president is Mr. Xu Bocong.

he purpose of the Ningbo Association is to unite Ningbo fellows or friends who voluntarily accept the statutes of the Ningbo Association to learn and carry forward the hardworking, honest, decisive and united qualities as Ningbo people, so as to acceelrate the social, economic and cultural exchanges between Ningbo, Melbourne and even China and Australia. Meanwhile, Ningbo Association is committed to creating a cosy, inclusive, mutual help and friendly family to the Ningbo fellows in Australia. From now on, we will strive to enrich the spiritual life of our Ningbo fellows in Australia, assist in their domestic care, and enable them to feel the warmth just like their families in Australia.

Since its establishment, Australia Ningbo Association Incorporated has regularly carried out various activities such as picnic dinners, knowledge lectures and fellow visit, etc., which strengthened fellowship and enhanced mutual assistance as well as communication. The association has actively participated in many large-scale Australian Chinese community activities to promote the integration and development of overseas Chinese in Australia. It has built a bridge for socio-economic development of Australia and the prosperity of hometown Ningbo.Besides, it also expects to contribute to the exchanges and cooperation between Australia and hometown in trade, economy, technology, culture and other fields.

Really appreciate Ningbo fellows’ support and contribution to this Association, and we are looking forward to more fellows to join us!