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Australia Ningbo Association incorporated is established

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        In order to bring love and help to the Ningbo people living in Australia, we will better promote the enjoyment and well-being of Ningbo people in Australia, further strengthen exchanges and cooperation among Ningbo nationals, increase mutual friendship and enhance the cohesiveness of fellow citizens. To develop the platform for the development of the Ningbo people in Australia. In March this year, the Ningbo Association of Ningbo, Australia was established under the auspices of the majority of Ningbo people. Nearly four months after the establishment of the Association, under the vigorous guidance and support of the Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Association, with the concerted efforts of the president and the directors, with the participation of the support of the majority of fellow villagers, we will focus on the “three ones” and focus on the “three "Advance", the current start is good, and steady development.



        The first is to establish a WeChat group and promote the construction of a networking platform for fellowship associations. At the very beginning of its establishment, the Township Council established a WeChat group called “Australia’s Ningbo Association” from the fact that their fellow citizens are distributing cities in Australia and their communication is increasingly common. In a short period of time, more than 200 villagers were recruited into the group. . Members of the group implement real-name registration, the group has administrators, clear group rules, establish basic requirements for topical remarks in the group, prohibit all negative topics such as pornography and personal attacks, and move the group offenders. except. At the same time set up the director on duty, every day by the two members of the group on duty for everyone to solve problems. With the establishment of WeChat Group, everyone has a home on the Internet that talks about exchanges and asks for help. Everyday, the locals ask Good Morning to talk about music and comment on the news. They also often share their new ideas and new trends in their hometown of Ningbo. Become a warm harbour in Macao.




        The second is to establish a system to promote the regular construction of the daily operation of the township association. As a non-governmental organization, the township association must be able to win the trust of the fellow villagers for the service of the villagers. To grow longer, it is inseparable from a set of perfect institutional norms and constraints. Therefore, since its establishment, the president and the director of the founding conference have put the system construction top priority and set out to implement it well. A board meeting system was established to request directors to hold a meeting in January, and there were a series of supporting provisions such as meeting notices, meeting signings, meeting leave requests, meeting records, and meeting notices. The attendance rate for each director was also made clear. The request. Established a financial management system, and made clear provisions for the financing of the Association, account management, daily reimbursement, and financial reporting. In the hometown, a professional accountant was responsible for the financial management of the Association of Australian CPA. The financial officer's director is a cashier. An activity system was established to organize more than one event per month according to the needs of fellow villagers. After the establishment of the conference, the council specifically convenes meetings to formulate an annual activity plan, clarifying the theme of monthly activities and responsible persons, and ensuring that the activities are carried out on schedule.


        The third is to organize a series of activities to promote the cohesiveness of the township association. Since March, the Association has successively organized a large-scale “Farming and Grilling for the Whole” event attended by 200 people. The seminar focused on the topic of home purchases and loans organised by the New Deal in Australia in April and May. "Dragon Boat Festival" included a banquet for a hundred people, and there were health talks where the heart stopped and saved himself. The business and family tax return and pension talks related to everyone in July are also ready to come soon. The hosting of these events has enabled more fellow villagers to make friends and exchanges of information intensified in the early days and many times. This has enhanced the understanding of Australia and has also been welcomed by the majority of fellow villagers.



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