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Australian Famous Brand Tontine visited

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At the 2017 Spring Festival gathering of the Ningbo Association that was just around the corner, 10 Ningbo fellows each obtained a Tontine wool worth $300 and a pillow worth $80. This batch of wool products popular in the Australian local market was sponsored by a young Ningbo native ---- Luo Yihu who graduated from Monash University and current sales manager. This time his generous sponsorship was due to his fellow countrymen. A visit to the meeting。



In the light of the purpose of understanding the working life of the fellow villagers, listening to the needs of fellow villagers, grasping the service entry point of the township association, and enhancing the cohesion of the township association, the Association began to organize visits from time to time in the second half of last year. In December last year, a group of directors and accompanied by Mr. Luo Yihu, Sales Manager of the Tontine Group, an authorized partner who was responsible for the Chinese market, visited the Tontine. group


During the visit, we learned that Tontine, the manufacturer and marketer of the largest, most well-known bedding brand in Australia, is 60 years old. The spacious and bright warehouses and neatly arranged raw materials left a deep impression on the people of the Association. According to market surveys, most of the consumers in Australia thought that the name Tontine was associated with the best quality, most durable, trustworthy, value for money, and giving The most comfortable sleep bedding. Tontine products are found in major department stores, mass merchandise stores, supermarkets and bedding retail stores in Australia. Tontine products are also exported to China and South Pacific countries. When the staff handed a large group of raw materials to everyone, the kind of thick soft touch caused everyone's curiosity. Where is the Tontine Group's raw material supplier? It was originally Victoria Wool Processors, Victoria's largest supplier of wool, and its quality was fully guaranteed.


Starting in April 2015, the Tontine Group initiated the development of the Chinese market. In August 2015, the first single 1500-bed Tontine wool was officially shipped (purchaser: Amazon China), when Tontine wool was shipped to the Chinese region totaling 6,000 pieces. In July 2016, Tontine wool was expanded from the original one (network basic model) to four series (the basic version of the network, the premium version of gold, the exclusive version of the exclusive version of the luxury version into the platform, the luxury version of the gift box). At the same time, the pillow series began to promote to mainland China. Throughout the year 2016, Tontine wool was exported more than 10,000 pieces. At the same time, Tontine wool quilts, pillow series and Creswick alpaca product line received great response. They received plans and applications from the company.


In September 2016, Tujia Bedding Company, under the authorization of the Tontine Group, entered into a cooperation agreement with Creswick Woollen Mills, Australia’s top antler brand, and is solely responsible for the sales of Creswick Woollen Mills in Greater China. Founded in 1947, Creswick is headquartered in Melbourne and is the second largest manufacturer of alpaca products in the world. Creswick is Australia's last Australian wool textile company with dyeing capabilities. It has Australia's finest alpaca farm and alpaca product base. The name Creswick Woollen Mills enjoys a high reputation in Australia and even around the world. Today, the continuous success of Creswick Wool Textile Group is attributed to continuous research and innovation, as well as unique design ideas and high quality. Creswick has six factory outlets throughout Victoria. At the same time, it is also a special supplier of well-known Australian department store David Jones. It has long supplied David Jones with many luxury alpaca hair products.



When the visiting directors were informed that the Tontine and Creswick Woollen Mills related products from Tujia Bedding Export Co., Ltd. had already reached the major online sales platforms such as Taobao, China Amazon, Jingdong, and NetEase Koala Haitao. In terms of offline sales, in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shandong, Hubei, Guangdong, and other major cities all have relevant sales information, they can not help but pay attention to the strategic vision and rapid development of the Chinese market. Our young Ningbo native is proud to be proud of our steadily developing business platform and actively seeking for progress.

During the exchange process, the Association also learned that the company has excellent product quality, excellent brand image and sincere cooperation. The company also welcomes people of insight to further develop the Chinese market and jointly seek greater development. Interested parties can contact directly: Luo Yi Hu Joey Mobile: 0450963573, WeChat: joeyatmel

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