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Ningbo Association Commemorates the First Anniversary of Public Welfare Activities

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 In addition to dry autumn, autumn cool. During the seven rounds of public lectures and the Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Spring Festival, six events in the rolling circle, Australia's Ningbo fellow countrymen will usher in the anniversary of the establishment of the first anniversary. With the concept of "paying enthusiasm, dedicating love, building platforms, and sowing hope", the Association decided to organize a charity event to make the first anniversary more meaningful.


Australian volunteer organizations are mature and rich in forms. Most Australian families and members participate in various volunteer service activities. This fellowship with the Winton Rd Food Forest at 38 Winton Rd Ashburton, founded in a charity organization run by the Craig Family Center, the Boroondara City Council, and the Gardiners Creek Lions Club.



Petra, the head of the organization, is from Germany. She has undertaken the task of developing and constructing this Food Forest for her passion for gardening, environmental protection, and dedication.



On the morning of March 25, more than 30 volunteers from the Ningbo Association gathered together and listened to Petra to introduce the basic conditions of this food planting base and the specific tasks of today's labor. 



Tony Sun undertook an on-site translation work. 



The fifth grade elementary school girl took the initiative to start Petra's young assistant.  



Here, the strong and strong mens team took away the manual work: digging four deep 35 cm and 70 cm wide. Large holes, fertilization cover soil covered with wood chips.



The women's team is not far behind, men have physical strength, women have clever hands, pruning pruning, soil cultivation, watering watering, weeding weeding, nursery seedlings, under the guidance of Petra, experienced Doing hard work, learning to work hard without work, we all work together to do a good job!



 The people were more powerful and in a short period of two and a half hours, the womens team eliminated all the weeds from the planting base, opened a clean long trail, and cultivated four boxes of various spice seedlings. It will be sold in a market organized spontaneously by local residents and the proceeds will be donated to charities to help people in distress.


In the midst of hard work, the fellow villagers prepared fruit drinks for the coffee lovers who love and dedicate themselves.


The ladies were sitting in the shade under the lawn, making new friends, pulling family, laughing and laughing, taking pictures, and children.



We also forgot about the difference in age, big and small, boys and girls, playing various games and finding various kinds of fun that belong to them.



Apart from the charity, the enthusiastic Lin Xiaoqing villagers (children in the picture below) sponsored beautiful photo frames. 



All the children participating in the activity received a certificate of activity that was carefully prepared by the Association and thanked them for their active participation and hard work. 



After the event was over, the fellow villagers who were interested in horticulture also received a small plant seedling and continued to cultivate carefully and wait for the harvest..We participate, we pay, in this process we harvest the nostalgia to harvest friendship and harvest the satisfaction and growth of the soul...


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