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Australian Ningbo Association celebrates Spring Festival 2018

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The traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming again. Nearly 200 people from the Ningbo Association of Australia gathered in the Victoria Chinese Culture School Restaurant to celebrate the New Year and share a happy New Year.



More than 100 days of planning and preparation were in full swing on the day of February 10th. Many directors and volunteers worked together in a united manner to welcome fellow villagers together to drink together with full enthusiasm, meticulous service, and happy mood.



Ms. Zhang Fengshuo (right), chairman of the gold medal sponsor Yutong Group and deputy chairman of the Association, not only generously donated money, but also volunteered to participate in various activities such as event planning and preparation, and also took the initiative to play the role of hosting the evening party. 



The little dancers trained by the Ningbo people's own dance studio opened the party with a group of childish, beaming dances. The lively and lovely children passed the training of award-winning teachers at home, and they all jumped up and got a warm welcome.



Mr. Gu Zhengwei, Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Ningbo City, made a special video recording of the new year's message of congratulations on the live broadcast. He also wished to bless the fellow citizens and the Ningbo native of Ningbo.



 The first president, Mr. Xu Bocong, made a warm and enthusiastic New Year speech on behalf of the Association. He has always supported the various communities and enterprises that have developed the Association, and the large number of fellow villagers enthusiastically participating in the Association’s activities. The dedication and volunteers expressed their sincere gratitude and sent wonderful New Year greetings to all the Ningbo natives living in Australia. 



 In this kind of happy reunion, Chairman Lv and friends of the Overseas Chinese Association, who have always been concerned about supporting the Association of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Associations, have come. Representatives of the Brotherhood Association also came. Everyone celebrated the Chinese people with a toast.



 Your own holiday. The Lions of the Xinhua Lions also came to cheer and enjoyed their stay with fellow Ningbo residents. 



The words “Thanksgiving Heart” by the baby volunteer association's sign language interpretation profoundly impressed everyone present.



The party ushered in a small climax in the cup of teasing and cheering: The paintings of the Spring Festival couplets and Dorothy and the chairman of Homeflex Solid Wood Furniture Co., Ltd., sponsored by the Allah Ningbo people Daisy and provided by the new generation of the Allah Ningbo people Yang Yuning. Three-piece outdoor tables and chairs, the one-night stay of the Black Swanton motel in Lakes Entrance provided by HHF Investment Group Chairman Han Huafei was auctioned live, and the enthusiasts enthusiastically raised their hands to participate in the auction, and the auction atmosphere was warm.




Whether it is the solo 5-year-old boy's solo “The Dragon's Successor” or the magnificent female double dance “The Prison Secretary”, it is also possible that the “Blue-and-white Porcelain” can be a real one. The poetry of the children who staged performances read "Wangxiangtai" and "Homesickness", all of which made us delighted to see the strength of young people and the followers of the Association.



 In addition to performances, the games of the evening party were designed ingeniously, and the names of the hometowns and foods were included in the title, which attracted the audience. The game also gave birth to the feelings of hometown.



The director's Ningbo poetry recitation of Earth A Mother triggered laughter throughout the audience. 




A message announced by President Xu during the evening party brought everyone an unexpected surprise on the occasion of the New Year: The Ningbo Associations donation of two wells in Cambodia has been successfully completed, solving the problems of drinking water for poor villagers and students in difficult schools. Drinking problems. The aim of the fellow township committee serving the community in serving the society is to continuously practice and develop.



General Manager Guo Wei, the one-way car maintenance company that was generously sponsored by the Association’s activities, and General Manager Wang Jun of Hikvision, won the lucky draw for everyone and delivered the happy New Year to fellow villagers.



Other sponsors of the evening party: Silver Bank Loan Manager Wang Bo from CBA Bank's Mitcham Branch, Bronze Sponsor's Zhanny from Huitong Financial Company, and Dong Sisi, the manager of BUPAs BoxhillBupa Store, sponsored the lucky draw.



This year's Spring Festival gathering, the township association prepared a variety of gifts, family signing ceremony, tableau lucky ceremony, different levels of drawing ceremony, show reward ceremony, event participation ceremony, each of the children also received a new year red envelope lucky money, and adults are Eyes hand fight for four-figure red envelopes, live cheering bursts, really lively!

The party was unveiled in a song, "Do you hear me bless you?" The villagers who are still full of friends have come to meet: they will gather again next year.



 At the end of this article, please allow special thanks to the Yutong Group for the gold sponsorship of this event.

Silver Sponsorship: One-way car care center, Hikvision, CBA Bank Mitcham Branch


Bronze Sponsor: Huitong Finance


Friendship Sponsorship: BUPA Boxhill Store, Australian Hongdu Company, Homeflex Wood Furniture Wholesale Company, HHF Investment Group



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