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Australia's Ningbo Association to complete the general election Xu Bocong was elected as the new president

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A few days ago, the representative and cum election meeting of the Ningbo Association of Australian Associations was held in Boxhill, Melbourne. The meeting elected a new session of the council and Xu Bocong was elected as the new president.



Before the meeting was held, the election preparatory group held a number of working meetings to discuss matters related to the methods of election, election methods, and the agenda of the conference. The fair is based on the principles of fairness and fairness. It adopts three public disclosures, open lists of candidates, and open election processes. After the recommendation of the board of directors, the name of the fellow villagers, and the combination of voluntary registration, the election process is based on the order of registration. The group qualification examination resulted in 40 member representatives and 19 director candidates.



The conference is presided over by Zhang Fengshuo, vice chairman of the township committee. The preparatory meeting is held first to hear the preparatory work report and to consider the agenda of the conference.






The election preparatory group made preparations for the conference.



Then the first plenary session was held. At the meeting, delegates were carefully listening to President Xu Baicong as the first work report of the township committee. Delegates carefully examined the drafting methods (drafts) of the General Assembly, the scrutineers, and the list of voter proposals. After the candidate candidates came to power to meet with the members' representatives and the moderators introduced the candidate's basic situation one by one, the election officially began. The scrutineer receives the ballot paper, the ballot counter distributes the ballot paper, and the deputies carefully fill in the ballot paper.



The representatives of the children of the immigrants from the hometown acted as the vote-counters for this meeting. 



老The representatives of the children of the immigrants from the hometown acted as the vote-counters for this meeting. They had been serious, responsible, and fast and meticulous in their adult work. They completed the vote counting and re-election in the shortest possible time and successfully completed this important work.



After the first plenary session of the delegates, the first meeting of the Second Council was convened to elect the president. The meeting adopted the method of differential election, and the members of the meeting adopted the voting list of presidential candidates, such as the list of suggestions and election methods.



Xu Baicong, the president of the president, made a campaign speech



Mr. Xue, the president of the president, can make a campaign speech



The staff on the spot roll



The two president candidate election speech on the stage, Taiwan wants a mind to cooperate on the public service fellow.



According to the election method, the highest voter was elected and Xu Baicong was elected as the new president..



With the support of the fellow villagers, under the enthusiastic participation of the delegates and their earnest duty, under the hard work of the first director and volunteers, the conference proceeded smoothly and ended successfully.

The new council will take the lead of Chairman Xu Baicong and take the needs of the fellow villagers as the starting point. With the long-term development of the association as a guide, efforts will be made to unite and bring together more and more people from Ningbo to Ningbo to seek new development. New future.


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